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Dana Dahlquist began his teaching in golf about fourteen years ago. During this time he was researching the golf swing, reading various articles and educating his students on tried and true techniques.

While doing this he continued to evaluate many aspects of the golf swing.

He knew there was a lot still unknown about how to perfect the ultimate swing.

World wide Dana is known to be an expert on the Golf Swing Sequencing.


His first journey was to contact the area’s best teachers and find out what they knew about golf. He had the opportunity to work with and observe the great Mac O’Grady until 2006 as well as many other golfing professionals, a wonderful learning experience.


In golf you are always learning, whether playing personally or from observing a student taking a lesson, the constant evaluation of others, on the range or out on the course.


Dana has had the opportunity to work with many Top Level PGA Tour Players, and LPGA Players.



My goal for this website for teachers and students get the best information possible and connect the easiest way possible.


Notable Students Include

Charles Howell III

Daniel Summerhays

Daniel Im
Rory Hie
Brad Faxon
Anna Rawson
Eric Axley
Carl Pettersson



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