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Dana is one of the finest instructors in the world, so much so, I encourage my son to talk with him regularly.
Grant Waite, PGA Tour Player & Coach


I started working with Dana in 2005 1 week before European tour qualifying school. After 3 days of his teaching I finished 2nd. Dana's information is clear and simple. His knowledge of the golf swing is outstanding and he teaches you to understand your own mechanics. After about 10 lessons Dana had me hitting it 35 yards further off the tee and in 2008-9 I was top 10 in driving distance on the LPGA tour. There is no doubt in my mind that if I had not started working with Dana I would never have qualified for the LPGA tour and would never have become one of the top 100 players in the world. I just wish I had met him years earlier!!
Anna Rawson, LPGA Tour Player


Dana is one of the most informed golf teachers I have met in my travels all over the world playing professional golf. 
He also has an excellent skill for demonstrating swing techniques .

Robert Rock, PGA Tour Player


I've been watching Dana through Dahlquist Golf for a couple years now. I was impressed first with his knowledge and insight as he critiqued swings of all levels. As I continued to observe his work I was blown away with the transformations that were taking place with his students. "Beautiful swings".  I have worked with Dana 4 different times and my own results are no less rapid and amazing.  Only a handful in the game of golf have gained the knowledge and perspective Dana enjoys!  It's been my privilege to work with the best!
Keith Clearwater, PGA Tour Player

For as long as I can remember I was somewhere between a 12 and 15 handi. I worked with Dana a handful of times and within six months I was down to a six for the first time in my life. Broke 80 and am enjoying golf a lot more.
Michael Peña, Actor



I am a touring professional golfer. I've been working with Dana for over a year now and he has helped me elevate my game to compete with the best players in the world! With his simple swing mechanics, I am now able to focus better on the course and score lower in tournaments. His knowledge and teaching experience will help any level of players and help you enjoy the game of golf more!!

Daniel Im, European PGA Tour Player


In 2010 I had the opportunity to work with Dana on my golf swing. He kept it simple and yet let me stay creative so much so I qualified as the medalist for the 2010 US Open at Pebble Beach with a -17 score for two rounds of the qualifier. Dana knows how to prioritize for the long term benefit with peoples golf games and gets you away from too much thinking overload.

Eric Axley , PGA Tour Player

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